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A school committed to offering an excellent, cohesive and relevant education which honours diversity on every level and endeavours to teach to every kind of mind.

Creating a safe school where children feel a sense of belonging and value.

Preparing children to meet the challenges of the 21st century both academically and emotionally.

At Forres we are concerned with the mastery of knowledge. Equally important is that every child gains mastery of self. We believe that success in the world is dependent not just on academic success but on children growing up to take their place in the world as emotionally intelligent, compassionate and caring adults.
In the words of Jonathan Jansen, "If we don't get children coming out of school who know about democracy, about being decent, respectful, caring and compassionate, we are not going to get it right. If we don't get our schools right, everything else topples."
To this end we drive through the whole school the following themes in classroom learnings, assemblies, school events and various projects. We do this under the umbrella of Roots and Shoots which through projects and education aims at instilling in each child a sense of hope for the future and a belief that they can make a difference in the world.
Thinking Schools
Eco Schools
Behaviour Management

This Is A Primary School. Primary Subjects In The Metro Central Area Of Primary Subjects

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