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Weizmann Preparatory School was founded in January 1953. It was the second Jewish Day School to open in Cape Town and shared premises with the Talmud Torah and Nursery School. Mr M E Katz, who had been appointed Principal of Herzlia at the beginning of 1955, acted as Honorary Principal of Weizmann Preparatory School.

The school differed from Herzlia School in respect of its being a congregational school, with the Green and Sea Point Congregation being primarily responsible for its provisions. It opened its doors to all Jewish children irrespective of their congregational affiliation.

In 1958 Mr Issy Cohen, Vice Principal of Herzlia, took over honorary principalship from Mr Katz and Mrs L Rosenfield, a preparatory teacher, was appointed interim Principal. In the same year, the school, boasting 88 pupils, was said to have “a reputation, second to none for its very high standard of teaching and discipline”. In 1959 the struggle to establish Weizmann as a primary and not a preparatory school finally came to an end with the opening of a Standard 2 class with the intention of establishing a fully fledged primary school up to Std 5 as a feeder to Herzlia High School. This necessitated the extension of the school premises and Mr Issy Cohen was appointed Principal of Weizmann School in 1961.

In January 1976 Weizmann School amalgamated with the Herzlia School System and became known as Herzlia Weizmann School and Mr S J Lifschitz was appointed Principal. With the new amalgamation, building expansion began and by the end of 1977 the school had a new wing that incorporated the space previously occupied by the Nursery School which had now moved to adjacent premises. In 1980 Mr J Garb was appointed Principal of the school and in the following year he was succeeded by Mr S B Kopelowitz.

During 1981 the school secured the use of the Major Weizmann Hall and a connecting passage was built giving direct access to it. The school is now able to use these new amenities for prayers, assemblies, physical education, drama, speech and choir practices, for stage productions and the celebration of Jewish Chaggim.

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