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Star of the Sea Convent School is a government school that falls into a special category of having a distinctive religious character; it is a Catholic Dominican Primary School, located on property that belongs to the Cabra Dominican Sisters.

Star of the Sea Convent School:

Incorporates the latest educational methods while maintaining the school’s traditions and Christian and moral values.
Provides a secure, happy, caring and dynamic learning environment.
Maintains small classes, thus ensuring an excellent academic reputation.
Encourages social and cultural inter-school interaction.
Produces well-mannered, self-disciplined pupils with a solid foundation for a higher education.

To educate and form well balanced children with high self esteem who have the ability to adapt to the changing world.
To ensure a high standard of education, discipline and Christian values, by maintaining quality teachers and small classes.
To foster integrity, commitment, dedication and creativity in all our staff, pupils and parents.
To provide a progressive adaptable school that is an example to other schools in the community.

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