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What the school offers our learners

1. Dedicated, dynamic staff who continuously upgrade their education to help learners who suffer from various learning barriers.

2. We have a fully functional school feeding program in place.

3. Our educators regularly take our learners from grade R to grade 7 on quarterly excursions Learners are taken to places like Robben Island, Table Mountain, Seal Island. These places are integrated to cover content in the curriculum and also to give learners the opportunity to broaden their experiences by visiting these places as most families cannot afford to take their children to these historic places.

4. We also try to take our grade 6 and 7 learners on annual tours and camps. (e.g. Garden Route ) with the aim of visiting places learnt about in class.

5. Swimming - During the summer months, as part of Life Orientation, the learners are taken to the public baths to teach them swimming and water safety skills. As our playground is not conducive for teaching learners soccer and rugby skills, learners are taken to the Greens to train them in these sporting skills. We sometimes utilize our neighbours' netball grounds to teach the girls netball skills. Growing Tennis has also been training all our pupils in tennis.

Most of our learners come from very disadvantage backgrounds, so it comes as no surprise that some educators provide extra food for learners and even clothes for Eid or at Christmas times. This they do in order for these children to feel special once a year without the stress of them knowing that their parents cannot afford to give them these special treats.

Our learners come from all areas, from Delft to Sea Point and transport is available from most areas. Contracts are normally drawn up or discussed between the parent and the respective drivers. We also have a fully functional computer lab which is used daily. Learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are exposed to the computer world.

With the assistance of the Rotary Club we have opened our own school library in June 2011. We still need many books to fill the shelves.

We also have a Muallima at school that does Islamic Studies throughout the school year. Learners receive an Islamic Progress report every term.

Learners also go for Art at a professional art centre, namely Zonnebloem Art Centre. Here learners only need to take along their talent as they are taught everything in the art world ranging from charcoal drawings, to paper maché and every year an art exhibition is held to display the art from the various primary schools in the area.

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